Sunday, October 31, 2010

October . . .

We finished our trip to Ohio at the beginning of October. For my birthday we took a long bike ride and had an amazing lunch with his parents. It was fun getting to spend some good quality time with his parents before we left.

After leaving Ohio, we flew back to Seattle for a day and a half. Since James' and my birthday are 6 days apart and my cousin's is in between, when we got back to Seattle we went out to dinner with our family and friends. After dinner we went to do James' favorite thing, Karaoke! It was so much fun and a lot of laughs and a good way to finish our last day in Seattle.

I love being with James, he makes everything so much fun!

Singing his favorite "Kiss" by Prince

Candace and I, always a blast with her

The boys singing

We took an early morning flight to Hawaii on the 10th, we ended up not sleeping the night before and just focused on getting everything ready for the plane ride. Little Shadow flew underneath the plane in with the cargo, poor thing I don't think he will ever be the same.

Hanauma Bay

We spent the first 9 days of Hawaii living in a hotel. The hotel was a bit shabby and our room smelled gross, so we got a call about a house being available and we jumped at the chance. The house that we got ended up being an old officer's house, that will soon be torn down and then we will be moved into a brand new house. So the house that we are in  with four bedrooms, despite being older, is pretty nice. It's really big and we don't seem to have much to fill it with. Most of the neighbors have already move out, but hopefully we won't be here too long. Since we it took a few days for us to get our house hold goods delivered, we had to borrow furniture from the housing, the bed was nothing like our new bed. Our house looks so empty, we don't have much to fill it with.

We got a new edition to our family, we went to the humane society and adopted a dog. His name is colt and he is 3 months old, but he is so big already. When I thought we were getting a puppy I was imagining that the puppy that we would get would be small enough for me to hold in my arms. Nope this puppy is way too big. After leaving the humane society, poor little guy got car sick twice.


Our first holiday in our new house was Halloween, I was excited to get trick or treaters. But no one came to our door, so now we are stuck with a huge bag of candy.

Halloween 2010
Our front porch, decorated for Halloween