Thursday, March 31, 2011

March . . .

March was an interesting month I spent most of it by myself, since James was gone for school for 3 weeks. Two days before James left for school, we got keys to our new home. Which is beautiful and by far an major upgrade to our first home. It's a bit smaller than the last but feels much more like a home. It is a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom home, with hardwood floors, a garage and a big back yard.

So we rented a truck and a few friends came and helped us move all of our big pieces of furniture. That night we planned to stay in our new home, but Japan was struck by an earthquake and a tsunami warning was put out for the island of Oahu. So we left and moved to higher ground and spent the night at our friend's house. The tsunami ended up being a dud and we didn't much sleep because Colt cried all night. James left for school and I got stuck moving the rest of our house hold items out of the old house and having to clean it all up.

March wasn't a very eventful month, since James was gone. My computer crashed and I ended up losing everything on it. So that's why I haven't been able to post in a while. So I'm back!