Friday, December 31, 2010

December . . .

December!?! What? It can't be December it's 80 degrees out. It's just weird not having to bundle up and try to stay warm. But it's just weird to see all these houses decorated with lights and hear Christmas music when it looks like summer outside.

My mom came to visit this month and I got a job. The day my mom got here I got a call saying that I got hired. Luckily the first week I didn't have to work too many days so my mom and I still got to do a lot while she was here. It's nice to finally have a job and get out of the house. So while my mom was here we got to do a lot of fun things:

"Turtle Beach"
We got to watch a sea turtle leave the water so it could come sun it's self on the beach, it was pretty cool to watch. They are such amazing creatures.

We went and visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial, what a great tribute to such a horrible tragedy.

We went to the huge swap meet the circles the Aloha Stadium
It was a long walk and it was super hot out that day

We went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

And we spent a few days just relaxing on the beach laying in the sun

Luckily the weather was beautiful the whole week that my mom was here, the week before and after she came was a down pour. So glad that the weather was nice, it would have been such a miserable vacation if it would have been rainy the whole time. It was a lot of fun that she came, I'm glad she got to get away and relax.

Another good read

So I finished another Nicolas Sparks book, The Lucky One. Another great read, a little different from some of his other books. There were some sad parts in the book, but I didn't find it as tragic as some of his others. It had a surprising end to it though. While looking up the book on Google so I could get a picture of the cover to post, I found out that they are making a movie of it and it comes out in 2012. Excited, it's funny cause when ever I read his books I try to picture what the characters might look like. For most of the characters in the movie they look just like how I pictured them, but the main character surprised me. It's Zac Efron, I don't think he's a bad actor (he was actually really good in 17 Again), but I was definitly picturing someone a bit older than him. I'm excited to see the movie, it was a really good book.

So I came home from work to a great surprise. We weren't sure if we were going to get a Christmas tree this year, with the prices of trees being so expensive in Hawaii and money being tight. So we still hadn't decided if we were actually going to get one or not. So James picked me up from work, we get home and I'm just so tired all I can think about is relaxing and changing my clothes. I get in the house set my things down in the living room and James is acting all suspicious, but I can't figure out why and then I notice the beautiful Christmas tree set up in the living room. What a great surprise, it looked so beautiful, James did an amazing job. I couldn't believe that I walked in the living room and didn't even notice. It's a small tree but it's so perfect!

So for Christmas Eve, we went to our family friends' church for their Christmas Eve service. It was really nice, they really take pride in their productions and they treat everyone like family their. During one of their songs, all of a sudden we started hearing this loud noise thinking that it was something outside. Then we looked up and we noticed that they had put in snow machines up on the rafters and there was fake snow falling on us. It was a nice surprise and it definitely made my day. After the service we went over to our friends' house and had an amazing shrimp and prime rib dinner. James dressed up in his uniform and he looked so handsome, but it was so hot he was a little uncomfortable.

New obsession! So our friends got a Kinect and we were over at their house and got a chance to play it, we were supper impressed so we decided to get one as well. Not too big on video games, but I love the dance game Dance Central, it's so much I think I like it so much because I'm actually good at it. Plus it's a great way to work out. It's fun dancing to it and getting to watch everyone else dance to it as well. Can't wait til they come out with a new one with different songs on it and see what other games they come out with.

New Years Eve 2011! It was great even though I had to get up early the next day to work. We had a lot of fun at our friends' house playing Kinect with everyone. Unfortunately we missed the New Years count down, but I still got my New Years kiss from James. All in all the year 2010 was great and full of lots of adventures and change. I'm excited to see what 2011 will bring us!