Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well September started off by saying good bye to Seattle. It was hard, but also a little exciting to see where the future is going to take us and really start married life together.

We spent most of September getting to be with James' family in Ohio, which was filled with many fun activities. It was great to get to see James be with his family, it had been so long since he's been home. Almost a year and a half since he was home last before his deployment. I'm so glad that we were able to get to spend time with his family and do fun things with out having to rush. In the end it ended up going by faster than we expected.

Some of the fun things we did:

James got to spend lots of quality time with his little brother Connor. He even got to go be a guest reader in his kindergarten class. Connor is hilarious and speaks way beyond his years.

James and Connor, getting some brother time in

Went to the country fair, the boys rode many rides

James and his dad drove up to Michigan to see a Detroit Tigers game one weekend. Becky taught me how to make James' favorite dish egg knuffels. And we made sure to spend lots of time with his grandparents.

One week end we drove down to Indianapolis, where we got to stay at the Sybaris, a wedding gift from James' sister Mint. The Sybaris, was amazing, our own hotel sweet with a 22 foot pool with a water slide, hot tub, steam room, massage chairs, waterfall and fire place. It was great to just relax and spend time together.

Our beautiful bed covered in rose petals

The pool and water slide

After spending a night at the Sybaris, we went to stay with his mom Mintia and Nikki. We had lots of good food and spent the nights sitting around a bonfire while James got to catch up with old friends. One of the days that we were down there we went canoeing down a river, which was a lot of fun and filled with lots of laughter and stories.

Since James and I have been together he's been talking about taking me to a real apple orchard. One year for my birthday he took me to an apple orchard in Washington, it smaller than the ones he was use to and the trees were fairly new, so he promised to take me to a real one when we went back to Ohio. So with his family we went to MacQueen's Orchard, to pick apples. It was a lot of fun and the apples tasted the best straight off the tree.

James and I, high up in an apple tree

James and Connor

James' wish of getting a Harley Davidson, came true. After taking the motorcycle course, James found a bike that he really liked and decided to purchase it. First time ever riding a real motorcycle for me, it was so much fun.

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