Friday, September 30, 2011

September . . .

We did a lot of fun activities this month, can't believe that how fast this year has gone by. I am now back in the gym coaching gymnastics, it feels great.

Hanging out at the pool on Pearl Harbor
with Ellie

Stephen Siller 
Tunnel to Towers Run 2011
 For September 11th, we did the Tunnel to Towers run.
We didn't actually run but we rode the Harley and lined the bridge and cheered on the runners.
Watching the sun rise before the run starts
All the motorcycles lined up and ready

 Cheering on the unit

 Honolulu firefighters 

Date Night
 Gordon Biersch

 Being cheesy

 Love these trees, they look like they have been painted

 Found this little guy, can't believe how tiny he is

 James got a new car, it makes me miss my little Honda

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