Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Recap!

So here is the top 10 events from 2010! Wow that went by fast . . .

1. Recieved the best Valentine's Day gift ever!

So by great odds James made it home for R&R on Valentine's Day. What a great gift to have him home, he got home and it felt like everything seemed to pick up right where we left off, like he had never even been gone. I'm a lucky lucky girl!

2. We got Engaged!

James took me to dinner at our favorite spot and then we went for a walk at Alki, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. So excited he surprised me big time!

3. We got Married!

Barefoot on the beach at sunset. It was so romantic and such a perfect way to get married. I wouldn't of changed a thing about it.

4. James is Home!

 It finally came, it felt like it would take forever, but looking back the year went by pretty fast. I am so happy to have my husband home and safe. Biggest highlight of the year hands down.

5. Had a second Honeymoon!

Got to spend an amazing weekend together!

6. James bought a Harley!

After much talk about wanting to get one he finally found the one for him. He bought a really nice bike. He looks so hot riding it. So happy that one of his goals of getting a bike came true.

7. Our big move to Hawaii!

So we are back in Hawaii, this time for the next 3 years. Excited about starting our lives together!

8. We finally have a house!

It's nothing too fancy and for right now it is just temporay, but it is our first house together. It's an old officer house, 4 bedrooms, very big and lots of space. (Picture isn't the exact house but it looks similar)

9. We have a new edition to our family!

We rescued this little guy from the pound. His name is Colt and he sure is a handful!

10. Our First Christmas together!

Finally our first Christmas together!
(The first year together James went home to see his family and the second one he was deployed to Afganastan.)

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