Monday, January 31, 2011

January . . .

Ahhh... it's January already! Wow 2010 went by fast despite having to wait six of those months for James to come home. Once James got home time just seemed to fly by. Well I'm excited that it's 2011 and I can't wait to see what it has in store. So the beginning of January started with lots of rain, thunderstorms and power outages.

James and I had a day night, we went and saw True Grit. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it at first, but James really wanted to go see it. I was surprised how good it was, I thought it was going to be really serious but it was really funny. The young girl in the movie was a really good actress, I can't believe she was only 14 when they shot the movie.

So James and I went to check out the gym at the community center in our housing. When we got there I noticed they had a really nice pool, but I was very disappointed to find that they close the pool from October to May for the off season. I couldn't believe it, we live in Hawaii where pretty much all the time it's summer weather, except for a few days where it's a little rainy. I thought that was pretty ridiculous.

James and I have a beautiful new niece, her name in Avah May. Born to James' sister Jessica and her husband Michael.
Avah May
8 lbs 9 oz 21 in long

We went and played poker at our friend's house with a few other couples, and James won the pot. Since James has been talking about going to check out Chinatown, we woke up the next morning and went down there to have some Dim Sum for breakfast. It was good, but not as good as the Dim Sum in Seattle. It was fun, we walked around and looked at all the little shops and bought some fruit.

After Chinatown we went to the beach, the waves have been so big lately. So I've been staying out of the water, but the boys love it.

So to get into nursing school in Hawaii I have to take a pre-nursing exam. When I registered for my test in December, the only spots open were all the way on Maui. My mom bought me a plane ticket so I could fly over and take it. So I get the day off and fly to Maui, and due to all the rain, they were having problems with their Internet connection. So we moved out of one computer lab and into another, by then an hour and a half has gone by. So in this other room they were still having problems with the Internet, so they tell us that they are going to have to reschedule the test for another day. So almost 20 people who flew to Maui are now screwed out of the money that they paid to fly there. I wait in the room while everyone leaves and end up being able to get on to take the test. I flew all the way over so I was determined to take this test. The test has 3 parts to it, so I take the first and second part, but then realize that if I start the third part that I will probably miss my flight home. So I call to change my flight and right when I'm about to pay I find out that they have to close the building and I wont be able to finish the last portion. I just broke into tears, I was so upset because I just spent 2 hours working on this test and I was so close to finishing. I make it to the airport about 20 minutes before my flight was to board, I'm just glad I didn't miss my flight along with all the other trouble I had. I was finally able to take my test back on Oahu, but I had to find someone who could cover my shift for me. But I think I did really good, now I just have to wait 3 weeks to find out my results.

James and I have another new beautiful niece, Cora Belle.
Born to my brother Charles and his wife Faye.
Cora Belle
7 lbs 15.4 oz 18 in long 

I finished crocheting the baby blankets!

Avah May's blanket

Cora Belle's blanket

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