Sunday, May 30, 2010

Emotions are running high . . .

Why do some days seem so much harder than others?
We are now at the end of month number eleven, he was suppose to be home in a few weeks but the date has now been pushed back, now he wont be home until July. It seems so far away. Today has been one of those days, where I find myself biting my lip and trying to hold back my tears. Every little thing seems to make me so emotional, seeing all the Americans flags flying at half mass sends me into a whorl wind of emotions. (I think my emotions are equivalent to those of a pregnant women, where anything and everything makes them filled with emotions. By the way I am not pregnant.) These days where I feel that at any moment I could just break down and cry, seem to go by so incredibly slow.
But the one thing that seems to break me out of this spell of sad and loneliness feelings is a phone call from my husband. As soon as I see his name show up on my phone, I am filled with excitement. He has away of making me feel so at ease and taking my mind off of all my emotions. He talks about our future together and where will be living when we move. He makes everything so light hearted and seems to know exactly what to say to make my day. 

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