Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's going to go by fast . . .

 So the count down begins for James to be home, then off to Ohio and then on to Hawaii. I know these next few months are going to go by so fast, we have so much that we have to do. But I'm very excited!!! I need my husband home so we can start our married life.

In the mean time I will fill my days looking for houses on craigslist to rent and dreaming of the furniture we will pick out, to keep my mind occupied. Along with going to school and working. I have to say that the first 8 months he was gone before coming home on R&R seemed to be going much faster than these last 3 months. There will be weeks when they will fly by but then there are days when every hour seems to go by so slow, its ridiculous.

So I have decided to start a blog because I know as things start to pick and James is home I wont have as much time to keep in contact with everyone that I want to. Also I thought this would be a fun way to keep a journal of my life and for those who are interested to keep up with the journey my life will be taking. And another way to get things off my mind....

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