Friday, May 28, 2010

A Little Bit About Us . . .

How did we meet?
We met through mutual friends of ours, a couple different times before we started talking. I thought he was younger than me so I wanted nothing to do with him at first, but then we started talking one night and then things went from there (of course once I found out that he was older than I thought). 
Was it love at first sight?
Not at first sight (I thought he was handsome though), but once I got to know him I realized he was the man I never knew I always wanted!
Favorite thing about him?
Hmmm... there are so many things. One of my favorite things is that there is never a dull moment with him, he is very exciting.
Most annoying thing about them?
That when we have dispute (not to be taken negatively) for the most part he is always right, but even when I know he's right I don't like to admit it.
What makes me love him so much?
Everything about him, there isn't just one thing he is very much the whole package. His personality is definitely one of the top things on the list.
How did I know he was the one?
I knew he was the one when I realized that I never had to be anything but myself around him, he never tried to change me or pressure me in any way. And he has always been the same amazing person that he was the night that we first started talking, he never put on a front. He is who he is from the very beginning, and I love him for that
Would I die for him?
What is my favorite memory with him?
Oh there are so many memories that I cherish. One of them was sitting on Alki beach at midnight talking getting to know  each other... and he kept saying "all that jazz." Just thinking about that makes me smile. I noticed he was saying it but didn't say anything and then he caught him self... it was cute I think he was a little nervous.
Where was our first date?
Well there are many dates that I refer to as our first date, but I think our first date was a group date I invited him to the movies with some of my friends and afterword we went down to Alki beach by ourselves. Our first date by ourselves was the Tacoma water front. We went for a walk and then ate dinner overlooking the water. It was so much fun, I can still remember the conversations we had. Another exciting date was our third date, he took me shooting it was so fun!
Our first kiss?
He was dropping me off after a date and we were sitting in his jeep, it was one of those moments when we both knew it was going to happen, but I was a little nervous. It was sweet, it wasn't one of those crazy overrated ones.
Our wedding!!
It was perfect and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it. (Being a girl you always dream about what it would be like... walking down the aisle in some long white formal gown. Well it wasn't what I thought I would have, but it was the most beautiful thing ever.)
(The engagement) While he was home on R&R, we went to Alki beach the night before we were going to leave for Hawaii. I thought we were there because it had become a place that was really special for us, like our first date, the day before he deployed and now where we got engaged. As we were talking he got down on one knee told me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him, then from there it was all a blur... I remember him opening the ring box but I didn't even look at I was too happy and surprised to even care what it looked like. But he did an amazing job picking it out, it's my little disco ball on my finger.
(The wedding) So we decided to elope (with the blessings from our families) and get married in Hawaii. We got married on the beach bare foot in the sand at sunset. It was beautiful. I didn't have a long white dress, it was short summer dress, but definitely more my style. It was definitely a stress free wedding and everything seem to fall into place and work out perfectly.
When do we plan on having kids?
It depends on which one of us you ask I guess. After we got married this was one of the questions we got the most. He would answer within 2-3 years from now. Me on the other hand not ready, I know I am too selfish to have a child at the moment. I want my husband to myself, I want to be able to travel together and finish nursing school. I definitely don't want to be prego and have kids when we are in Hawaii, maybe his next duty station.

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