Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Roller Skating with the Kids . . .

Like every week at summer camp we always go on a field trip, to a place that the kids don't usually get a chance to go to. Today we went to the Roller Rink. Which was so much fun... getting there on the other hand was a bit of a pain. We have over 70 kids that come to camp each day, and when we go on field trips we normally have two buses that come to transport us. While today none of the buses showed up which meant that we had to call the bus people and beg them to find us a bus. Luckily we were able to get one bus, we had to pack all of the kids onto the bus and we were off about and hour late. It all ended up being ok because by the time we got there and the kids got a chance to skate around and our session was over the kids were dead tired. I love going to the Roller Rink cause it just reminds me of going as a kid and skating with my friends. But I was so surprised that most of these kids didn't know how to skate at all. Many of them had just put their skates on and loosely tied them (thank God no one twisted their ankles). So I went around the rink a few times and then spent the rest of the time re-tieing the kid's skates. The kids were so tired that the bus ride home was pretty quiet and many of them had fallen asleep.

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