Thursday, July 1, 2010

Horrible Experience . . .

So this morning I woke up at 5am so I could drive out to Ft. Lewis (now known as Joint Base Lewis McCord, which is dumb cause the pass that I had to get on to the Ft. Lewis side couldn't be accepted to get on to the McCord side) which is 45 mins away depending on how fast you drive. Since my car isn't registered on base I had to go in and get a pass for my car, which I had to wait in line for. So I got to turn in my paperwork for my medical clearance, I knew the building I was suppose to go to but couldn't remember what office I was suppose to turn it into. So I confusingly walked around trying to read the signs and figure out what category my paperwork fell into, so I finally asked, which the guy totally gave me the wrong information. But by then it was already 7:40 and I had to be at my doctors appointment at Madigan a couple exits down from base by 8.

I arrive at Madigan at about 7:50 check in for my appointment and surprisingly I am taken back and waiting in a room for the doctor to come see me before 8am. Ok so at the point I'm thinking that the doctor will be into see me for all of "5 mins" and I'll be out of there and soon I'll be on my way to work. Nope, the midwife/PA that I saw was like a frickin drill Sargent, she was scary. So I tell her why I'm there and she says "What do you want me to do about it? I'm not the right person you should be talking to." Wow, ummmm... I'm really confused at that point. So she drills me with a ton of questions, which all of them she was short with me about and I could barley answer before she would ask me the next question. She demands that she needs to see my previous medical records, and when I told her I didn't have them, she chewed me out about it being my responsibility to bring them with me. So she tells me that she has to go talk to the doctor and she would be back, at this point I'm hoping that she would just tell me that I would have to come back another day to see someone else, so I wouldn't have to deal with her anymore. Unfortunately she ended up doing my yearly exam and it was the most horrible experience ever.

So after I've changed back into my clothes she comes back in to inform me that when my appointment was scheduled that it was Madigan's fault for misreading my referral and that they had set me up with the wrong doctor and that my medical records that she was demanding to see were in the process of getting sent there. (By the way the only reason why I wasn't able to see my primary doctor was because the Army wouldn't approve it and that I had to go out there.) I received no apology for how rudely I was treated.

I finally walk out of the hospital at 8:45 and a new appointment that I'll have to go back to, to see the correct doctor and I still needed to turn in my medical clearance paperwork . So I drive all the way back to Ft. Lewis and back to the building I needed to go and figured out where I needed to go. When I get there the lady tells me I have the wrong paperwork and hands me a packet for me to fill out and have the doctor sign. At that point I was so flustered and in a hurry to get back to work that I didn't even realize that the packet I was given James had already filled out twice, so I just left and didn't turn in anything.

Being emotional already with wanting James to be home from deployment. seeing all these men in uniform made it worse. I just wanted to turn around and see James. I pulled into work with all the frustration and emotion built up and I just burst into tears. I just need my husband home that would make everything so much better. 


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