Friday, July 30, 2010


So while James was deployed him and his buddies planned a trip for the wives to a winery. After getting off work we drove about 3 hours to Outlook, Washington (wine country). By the time we got there it had gotten kind of late, but it was still beautiful out, the sun was just setting and the air was still warm. We made dinner, sat out on the back deck and watched a lightning storm. Since we were the last couple to get to the winery, the room in the guest house that we got was the "Champagne Room".

The next morning we woke up, James made an amazing breakfast and then we went wine tasting. We got to tour the winery and taste pretty much the whole selection of wine. I've never been a big fan of wine before, but we definitely found some wine the we enjoyed. All in all we had a great weekend it was a lot of fun to just get away and relax and not really have to worry about anything.

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