Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bitch it out . . .

Ok so I love the article in Cosmo Magazine, "Bitch It Out". People send in pictures or write about things that irritate them. Some of them are pretty funny and I often think of things that I would send in if I had the time.

So here is my "Bitch It Out" of the day...

I'm driving home tonight and it's about 9pm, it's not too dark out yet but it's getting there. I turn down the street I have to go down to get to my street, and there are kids just playing in the street (the street isn't crazy busy but many people use it). These kids are about ages 3 to 12, no parents in sight, just running about, riding their bikes and scooters. They see me coming and they just stay in the middle of the street and keep on playing. "Hello, Where the hell are your parents?" I just don't understand how parents can let their little kids just run around in the street unsupervised and at 9 o'clock at night. It's sad and scary cause this type of behavior is going to end up with one of these kids being hit by a car or getting kidnapped.

Some people shouldn't be allowed to have kids. When I have kids there will be no playing in the street and definitely they will not be out late at night by themselves.

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