Saturday, June 19, 2010

No I don't want you to talk to my muscles, I'm paying you to massage them . . .

Ok so after working clinicals for the last two weeks and moving and lifting people, my neck, back and feet are tight and sore. So I made an appointment to get a massage today, really looking forward to deep tissue massage and to get all these knots out of my back. So when I go there I told her what I wanted worked on, and I thought I made it clear just what I wanted. Well half way through the massage I'm thinking maybe she didn't understand me, cause she is obviously just doing superficial muscle work. So I remind her that I really need her to work on my traps and that it's ok to do deep tissue work. And I couldn't believe her response, she told me that she "likes to talk to the muscles" and that she "finds that she gets a better response from them that way." Well after all is said and done all I have to say is, "Look lady I don't think you were talking loud enough cause my muscle definitely didn't hear you and I'm still in pain." Oh and after the massage was over and I went to pay she said "I don't understand why you are so tight when your neck muscles are so flexible."
I could have had better work from laying on a tennis ball to get the knots out and that would have been free. Talking to muscles? What kind of bull shit is that?

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