Thursday, June 3, 2010

More about us . . .

How long have you been together? Two years, but it feels like we've been together for much longer than that
How long did you know each other before you started dating? We met in March, but didn't start talking until June, after talking for a couple weeks we started dating
Who asked who out? He emailed me (cause it was the only way he could get a hold of me) asking if I wanted to hang out some time. We exchanged numbers and ended up talking for about six hours. Then a few days later I invited him to the movies.
How old are each of you? 23 and 24 our birthdays are only 6 days a part
Did you go to the same school? Nope
Are you from the same home town? No, we grew up on the opposite sides of the U.S.
Who is the smartest? I think we are both knowledgeable in different areas, he definitely knows more random facts than I. He is very much into politics and what is happening in the world
Who majored in what? I working on getting my RN and he plans on going back to college to finish is bachelors
Who is the most sensitive? Me that's for sure, and it has gotten worse since he deployed
Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? To Hawaii to get married and have our honeymoon. We went to Toledo but we left and came back at different times. But we plan to travel the world, I'm very excited!
Who has the worst temper? haha... uhh, I think it depends on what we are getting worked up about, I think I have a worse temper when it comes to driving
How many children do you want? I think we came to the decision that we only want two kids, but we shall see
Who does the cooking? Not me, we went out to eat a lot. But he grew up in his family restaurant so he knows how to cook. I've never had to cook so I don't know how to, I was suppose to learn while he was a way, I haven't yet and he comes back in July.
Who is more social? He definitely is when it comes to meeting and being around
new people. I'm a little shy when I don't know people. But I think I'm pretty social with the people I do know. I'm going to have to start getting use to meeting new people and being social once we move.

Who is the neat freak? We aren't really neat freaks, but when I get to organizing I'm a good organizer.
Who is the most stubborn? We are both really stubborn, but we both know when we need to give in just a little bit
Who wakes up earlier? He does, but I think it's because it takes me longer to fall asleep. Plus he has to get up early on a normal basis. I love to sleep and just hang out in bed but he would rather be up and about.
Where was your first date? We went to the movies and then we sat down at Alki beach and talked for hours . Our first date by ourselves was the Tacoma water front and we ate dinner over looking the water. I think our second date he took me to the shooting range, it was so much fun!
Who has the bigger family? If you include all my family that doesn't live in the states I do. My dad came from a family of about 10 kids.
Do you get flowers often? I do, I feel so lucky when I come home to find a bouquet of flowers with a note waiting for me. In the past two years I have gotten flowers more often than in my entire life. He is really good at surprising me with a bouquet of flowers.
How do you spend the holidays? So far we haven't gotten to spend a lot of our holidays together, with him being gone and all. This year will be our first Christmas and New Years Eve together, I'm excited!
Who is more jealous? We haven't had too much jealousy come up. I think that we both learned from past relationships that being jealous over little unimportant things is unhealthy in a relationship
How long did it take to get serious? a few months, but I think we both held back a while so we wouldn't get hurt. I think It really got serious once I went to meet his family during the holidays.
Who eats more? I don't know, he's a guy so probably him. But when I'm hungry I can eat.
What do you do for a living? I'm going to school to get my RN and I'm working with a great group of kids at an after school program and he is in the Army
Who does the laundry? He would do the laundry and I would fold the clothes.
Who's better with the computer? He is
Who drives when you are together? He does most of the time, he doesn't like my car, it's small and he says its a death trap.  When he came home for R&R I did all the driving, he hadn't driven  on an actual road in 8 months.
What is your song? I don't think we have an exact song, but he sends me songs that he says reminds him of me. If we had to have a song I guess it would be "To Be Surprised" by Sondre Lerche

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