Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Spent the first part of Father's day celebrating it with my grandfather and then went to my dad's for dinner. It was great, my dad was trying to teach me how to cook Thai food, but my stepmom kept telling him that we were going to slow and that she was hungry. My dad said cooking is an art, it takes time! In Thai they have a saying, which I love and hope that one day I can live my life by this saying. Mai pen rai which means "No worries" or "Don't worry about it" my dad is always telling me to slow down and don't rush (I thinks it's because I'm the baby and he doesn't want me to grow up so fast.) We had an amazing dinner and I'm going to miss those dinners when I move.
So I talked to the husband today, and jokingly wished him a happy father's day, he didn't like the joke too much!

Oh, I did find out some exciting news about someone being pregnant! I'm very excited for them but don't want to spill any beans... see my double yolk eggs were right someone close to me did get pregnant!

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