Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a Day . . .

Got a lot done today... Did some laundry, went and got my shot, confirmed that I am NOT pregnant and picked a few things I needed for clinicals.
On my way to my Clinicals I stopped to get Starbucks (the drive thru one), I waited in line for about 15 minutes. Luckily when I got to the window the guy was nice enough to give me my drink for free. That was my nice little perk for the day. Now I have some cash to get one tomorrow.
Clincals went great, time seemed to fly by pretty fast. We had lots of patients today, and most of the patients that we had on the oncology floor were not there for that. We had many discharges and only one admitance, but I'm sure there will be many new patients when I get there tomorrow. I'm gonna need lots of sleep tonight, I'm sure tomorrow will be another busy day.
And the husband got more minutes for the his phone so I actually got to hear his voice tonight. I always feel so much better when I get to talk to him. Not too much longer and he'll be home I'm so excited

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