Monday, June 14, 2010

Mr. Expensive . . .

So while planning our move to Hawaii we had to get this little guy ready to go as well. Hawaii has strict laws on animals coming into Hawaii and keeping rabies out. There is a 7 page check list of requirements your pet must have done so they can fly into Hawaii and be directly released to you when you arrive there. If your pet doesn't meet the requirements they will have to spend up to 120 days in quarantine and you have to pay $1080 for it.
So as soon as we got back for our trip to Hawaii in March, I had to take Shadow to the vet. Poor little thing, he has been through so much. But there is no way in hell we are going to pay for him to sit in quarantine for 120 days and have to pay that much money and the military won't reimburse us for.

The Requirements
  • 2 rabies shots a month apart - $25 each
  • A microchip implant (which he has two because the first one he got didn't meet the right criteria, so we had to get a different one put in) - 1st one was $20, the 2nd one was $45
  • A blood test showing how much rabies vaccine is in his little body - $245 (this must be done 120 in advance to arriving to Hawaii)
  • 2 signed rabies vaccination certificates in blue ink by the vet
  • A bill of health certificate must be fedex'd to Hawaii 10 days prior to him arriving along with an application to get the cat in - about $45 for the vet appointment and how ever much it will cost to mail the stuff
  • He must have tick treatment within 14 days of arrival - not sure the price on that
Other expenses:

  • We will probably have to get him a new carrier so we can take him on the plane, even though his carrier right now says airline approved
  • Since he is coming to Ohio with us we will have to pay for that flight too
  • And the poor little thing has such bad anxiety riding in the car we had to get kitty Prozac to help him out

He is just so darn cute! I couldn't live without him...

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